While number seven may be a lucky for some others avoid 13 at any cost, AXA statistics show where the real luck lies when it comes to the house number you live in...

Research, carried out by AXA, investigated which house numbers had been victims of burglary, flood or fire.

The house with the worst record was number 33, while the luckiest was 76.

12% of people would be put off buying a house numbered 13 while 6% would look for a house number 7. Yet the statistics show that number 7 has a worse record than number 13 - although both score well below the average "unlucky factor".

Unluckiest for burglary

When it comes to the most common risk, burglary, those living at numbers 84, 34, 33, 88, 94, 62, 53, 55, 82 and 23 might want to think about tightening up their security.

Unluckiest for fire
While those living in house numbers 33, 34, 68, 22, 55, 92, 96, 36, 69 and 83 might want to invest in a smoke detector.

Luckiest of all

But the house you really want is number 91 - not only is it well below the average for flood, fire and burglary but those who live there are the most likely to have won a cash prize from a competition based entirely on luck! But you need not worry about insurance costs, Amanda Edwards from AXA Home insurance says: "While from an underwriting perspective, we won't be looking to revise our rates based on these statistics, it is very interesting to see the patterns that have emerged.

We suggest that everyone, no matter what number they live at, take the time to check they're not creating their own bad luck through poor security or bad maintenance."